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A Fish without Fins

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m posting a poem I wrote for my husband even before he became my husband. I gave it to him way back in February of 1987, and he still proposed a month later, so he obviously wasn’t marrying me for my poetic devices. I hope you’ll enjoy my little walk down memory lane. You’ll be gratified to know that I’ve omitted several stanzas here, for the sake of brevity.

As a peacock without feathers,

As a bear without its fur,

As a postman without letters,

As a cat that cannot purr,

As a bee without its stinger,

As a fox without its tail,

As a bell without a ringer,

As a ship without a sail,

As a dinner with no courses,

As a bride without a gown,

As a carousel with horses

That cannot move up and down,

As a cow without her udders,

As a lion with no teeth,

As a window without shutters,

As a door without a wreath,

As a Cupid without arrows,

As a Santa with no sleigh,

As a birdhouse without sparrows,

As a needle in the hay,

As a park without a pigeon,

As a fire without heat,

As a car without its engine,

As a heart that cannot beat,

As a duck without its bill,

As a possum with no pouch,

As a rod without a reel,

As a shrink without a couch,

As a clock without its hands,

As a suit that has no pants,

As a half-time without bands,

Or as Paris without France,

As tea without a kettle,

As a hen that cannot lay,

As an athlete with no medal,

As a childhood without play,

As a summer without rain,

As Bo Peep without her flock,

As a track without a train,

Or as Star Trek with no Spock,

As a gaggle with no ganders,

As a sock without a shoe,

So I tell you, Douglas Flanders,

Would I be if not for you!

New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve been after my husband to begin blogging in the New Year, as I think he has a lot of wisdom that ought to be shared.  Yet, it doesn’t seem right to ask him to do something I’m not willing to do myself, so I’ve decided to start a blog of my own as well. We’ll see which of us posts most faithfully over the next 12 months.

I’ve always loved New Year’s. It’s a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. I usually come up with a lengthy list of resolutions, aimed at helping me become a better version of myself, as nearly perfect as possible.  And of course, I usually fall far short of that goal.

This year I resolve to keep it simple.  My goals for the next twelve months are to:

  1. Smile more
  2. Eat less
  3. Listen better
  4. Pray harder
  5. Admit when I’m wrong
  6. Get off the computer when there’s work to be done, even if my blog entry could use some extra polishing.