My Printables

I’ve received many requests for printable versions of some of my articles and artwork, so here they are. You may download any or all of them for free — just click on the one you wish to print and download a PDF version of it.

Let Them Know
(Song Lyrics)

Life with You Is Awesome (song lyrics based on Lego Movie Theme) \ from

Life…Is Awesome
(Song Lyrics)

Wanna Have a Baby? (Song Lyrics)

Wanna Have a Baby?
(Song Lyrics)

Incidentally, you can find many more free printables (including scrapbooking calendars, party games, cleaning schedules, bucket lists, homeschool helps, organizational charts, etc.) on our family website. We invite you to visit us there, as well.

You are welcome to print as many copies of our free printables as you like. We encourage you to share them with others. Please do not try to sell this material or publish it in any other format other than what is here provided. If you own a website, you may link to this page, but please do not link directly to PDF files and do not upload any of our PDFs to your own site.

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16 thoughts on “My Printables

  1. I love your articles! Just found you today but already deeply appreciate you. I have 11 children and have struggled to get some things right at home. I have a beautiful family whom I love so much but know I have failed in ways. I’m looking foward to implementing a few much needed changes :). Thanks so much!! God bless you even more abundantly than ever!


  2. It was such a blessing meeting you and your husband at the home school conference in San Antonio today! I look forward to implementing the tips in the “Stop Sibling Squabbles” printable. Thank you so much for making these available! May God bless you all 🙂


  3. Love the Frozen song adaptation!!! Can you make your words “printable”? I couldn’t print it and I’d like permission to sing it at a baby shower! Continued Blessings on your family and ministry!


  4. An awesome insight analyses relationships for couples and family well being.This is a blessing for a generation starved for godly virtue and integrity.The Lord God bless evermore so…Shallom


  5. I’ve been trying to print the Praying for your Wife from head to toe, but the image is not printing properly. Anyone else experience that problem? Thanks so much for your printables – they are absolutely lovely and wanted to print them for my cousin who is just getting married. Thanks!


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