In Praise of the Manly Man

Doug and Jennifer FlandersMy husband and I had a lovely Valentine’s Day yesterday. He brought me roses and a huge box of chocolates, then took me out for dinner and a movie.

I wrote him a poem.

It’s not the first poem I’ve given him for Valentine’s Day, and it probably won’t be the last.

Although I wrote it specifically for my husband, it is really a tribute to all men like him — men who are not afraid to BE MEN in an age when masculinity is sometimes frowned upon.

So keep up the good work, guys! The world wouldn’t be the same without you!

In Praise of the Manly Man

In Praise of the Manly Man

All stand for the manly man!
He is tall, dark, and handsome, and tan.
    Though he’s covered in hair,
    Like a big teddy bear,
    He’s a softy inside,
    Where his feelings reside
    For the joy of his life —
    His dear children and wife —
Whom he loves just as much as he can.
             He can.
Yes, he loves them as much as he can.

Three cheers for the masculine male.
Yes, he cares for his family well,
     A-sweatin’ all day
     As he labors away,
     Comes home when he’s able,
     Puts food on the table:
     Potatoes and meat —
     That’s what he’ll want to eat,
Just as soon as he’s looked through the mail,
             The mail,
He will dine when he’s done with the mail.

Give it up for the gentlemen’s gent!
Whether living in mansion or tent,
     His home is his castle
     And packed with a passel
     Of children who love him
     And think highly of him,
     And brag that their dad
     Is the best to be had.
(They’d go on, but their breath is all spent —
             All spent —
They’d say more, but their breath is all spent).

All hail to the heart-throbbing hunk!
He has oodles of vigor and spunk!
     He’s brave. He’s courageous.
     His laugh is contagious.
     He brings his wife candy;
     With tools he is handy:
     Have burgers? He’ll grill ’em.
     See spiders? He’ll kill ’em.
Flat tire? The spare’s in his trunk.
             His trunk.
He’ll exchange it for one in his trunk.

Bravo for the noblest knight.
In his armor, so shining and bright,
     He is savvy and smart,
     And he has a big heart.
     He provides and protects
     And he likes to have sex
     With his wife who adores him
     And never ignores him.
‘Tis perfectly fitting and right.
             So right.
To ignore him just wouldn’t be right.

Hurrah for the hale husbandman —
A sublime and superb speci-man.
     His wife knows her place
     And she fills it with grace,
     Her heart full of pride
     As she labors beside
     This burly, this brawny
     (His muscles aren’t scrawny),
This strong, strapping stud of a man.
             A man,
This amazing, magnanimous man.

He’s a man among men,
So let’s hear it again,
For this jovial jock
Of superior stock!
     This gallant galoot
     With his size-13 boot.
     My captain. My chief.
     My heart-stealing thief.
How blest to be wedded
And faithfully bedded
By so great a talent,
So virile, so valiant!
     He’s stable and steady.
     He’s rugged! He’s ready!
     Robust and red-blooded!
     My heart’s simply flooded
With love for this marvelous man.
             This man.
This magnificent, masculine man!

            – Jennifer Flanders
              February 14, 2013

You will find a bookmark size version of this Manly Man poem on My Printables page. I printed mine (double-sided) on parchment and laminated.

9 thoughts on “In Praise of the Manly Man

  1. Jennifer,

    I like your blog, it has been helpful! I enjoyed your poem, I am married to a SUPER MANLY MAN!
    That is what makes him so irresistible and SEXY!!!!!!!!!! We have been married for thirteen years now.
    It isn’t always easy, but I am trying to respect and honor my commitment to the LORD!
    God Bless you and your family!



  2. Very loving and descriptive poem! I wrote a similar one about my boyfriend but with a grotesque twist just for fun. I went looking on the internet for poems of a similar topic and thankfully found your page. I can’t believe more women don’t appreciate these things about men. Men are definitely not men anymore. They’re androgenous blobs anymore. By the way, i’m a believer but probably not as influenced by faith as you are. I hope that doesn’t preclude you from relating to me as I’ve related to you through this poem. I’m so glad other women share my sentiments about manliness!


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