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More than Enough

Our lives are busy. Our time and resources are limited. Our responsibilities pile up to such a degree that we cannot possibly accomplish them all on our own.

Yet we try.

Too often, we live crisis to crisis, with a vague sense of guilt that we can’t stay more on top of all the demands placed upon us. No sooner do we tend to one pressing matter than three others spring up to take its place.

Sometimes when I look at all I have to do, then consider the time in which I have do it, I think I understand how the disciples must have felt surveying that famished multitude with nothing but five loaves and two fish to feed them.

But what if, instead of placing those meager provisions into the hands of the Master, the disciples had scrambled around trying to slap together enough tunafish sandwiches to feed the five thousand themselves? How well would that have worked? Do you think the crowd would have been able to eat their fill? Do you think they would have needed twelve baskets to contain all the leftovers?

Our God is a God of miracles. He is still in the business of multiplying. If we will but place our limited time, talents, strength, and energy into His capable hands, He will stretch it in such a way that it is not only sufficient for the needs of the hour, but more than enough.

God can do amazing things when we give ourselves wholly to Him.